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As managers, our understanding of our team’s motivations and needs might be the difference between an effective, successful team and a dysfunctional mess.

Gary Stevenson, CEO Isaac Regional Council was a very welcome return presenter after a few years' break.

The attendees also had the chance to hear valuable insights from the other points of view including an elected member’s experience of local government – Councillor Julia Leu, Mayor of Douglas Shire and Suppliers to Local Government which was a panel discussion between Russel Paten (Telstra), Emma Peters (Local Buy) and Martine Care (Preston Law).

The Future Leaders Forum has been running since 2003 and focuses on developing the future leaders of local government in Queensland.

This year’s theme, ‘A letter to my younger self’ focused on the idea that when we look back at our younger selves, one of the things we often wish we had was greater awareness; awareness of ourselves and awareness of others.