Accommodating conflict definition

obedient - dutifully complying with the commands or instructions of those in authority; "an obedient soldier"; "obedient children"; "a little man obedient to his wife"; "the obedient colonies..heavily taxed; the refractory remain unburdened"- Edmund Burkesubmissive - abjectly submissive; characteristic of a slave or servant; "slavish devotion to her job ruled her life"; "a slavish yes-man to the party bosses"- S. Adams; "she has become submissive and subservient"meek, passive, obedient, compliant, patient, resigned, yielding, accommodating, humble, subdued, lowly, abject, amenable, docile, dutiful, ingratiating, malleable, deferential, pliant, obsequious, uncomplaining, tractable, acquiescent, biddable, unresisting, bootlicking (informal), obeisant to a word of advice as if he had been in constant terror, for, when we ran ashore to get some bottles of beer into the boat, and he was stepping out, I hinted that I thought he would be safest where he was, and he said.

So spake our general Mother, and with eyes Of conjugal attraction unreprov'd, And meek surrender, half imbracing leand On our first Father, half her swelling Breast Naked met his under the flowing Gold Of her loose tresses hid: he in delight Both of her Beauty and Charms Smil'd with superior Love, as JUPITER On JUNO smiles, when he impregns the Clouds That shed MAY Flowers; and press'd her Matron lip With kisses pure: aside the Devil turnd For envie, yet with jealous leer maligne Ey'd them askance, and to himself thus plaind.

It is, therefore, useful to see conflicts as a series of expressions of existing differences within a group, having some links to each other.

How effectively a group deals with conflict management largely affects the efficiency level of its functioning.

The other dimension, the horizontal axis, is concerned with responses based on helping others get what they want.

Thomas and Kilmann call these the Co-operativeness options. The 5 Options of Conflict Resolution These are the 5 options in conflict resolution in the Thomas-Kilmann model.1. The Competing option is at the top left of the model which means you take a wholly assertive and unco-operative approach to resolving the conflict.

It describes how they value the task and how they work to make their point clear.

Cooperativeness describes the level to which they attempt to satisfy the other’s concerns.

(read more about the ) BATNA: BATNA is an acronym popularised by Roger Fisher and William Ury which stands for 'Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement'.” “I'm sure they will see it my way if they just think about it.” “I know I'm right.” This is the “I win, you lose” position.A person whose actions are expressed this way is sometimes symbolized as a shark.When two people are attempting to resolve a conflict, their individual behaviors can be described in terms of the levels of assertiveness and cooperativeness they express.Assertiveness measures the degree to which they attempt to satisfy their own concerns.