Dating artemis dreaming

Artemis was a talking cat and advisor to Minako Aino.

He awakened Minako as Sailor V before Usagi was awakened as Sailor Moon.

Hannah wrote: "Hey guys I was wonderin you know for the Artemis Film what would be evryones dream cast???

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Feel free to experiment with things and I hope that you share any of the things you find with me.

Unfortunately Herc should have been paying more attention to Pymoglian than his wife in class because his sculpting skills are sub par.

Fortunately Aphrodite is there to mold the clay on the demigods' instructions and with her help, Zeus' son sculpts his dream girl: Galatea.

I made a whole video on ADC items, why some are good and what I think about things overall, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch that here: ADC Item Discussion I also have a thread all about Hunter Items, so look at that too: Hunter Builds!

Artemis is an ADC with great Crowd Control, a great passive that gives her a free 15% crit, and the best attack speed steroid in the game.